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Age Old Organics makes a complete grow and a complete bloom, and the simple option makes their fertilizers one of the top sellers.

Growing how to...

Demystifying liquid fertilizers

      Walk into a well stocked garden store and choices for your plant fertilizers can be overwhelming. The simple way to avoid confusion and possibly buying the wrong type of fertilizer is to realize that just about every major nutrient (liquid fertilizer) manufacturer has a series of products for different applications. Growers should recognize is that the first consideration for the plants is a good base nutrient that covers the basic food needs of the plant. What baffles many are all the supplements that sit on the shelf along with these base fertilizers. Calcium, magnesium, silica, kelp and humic solutions all are in addition to the base nutrient, and aren’t necesarily required to keep the plants happy. Once you sort the supplements or additives away from the base nutrients, your selection choices will become much more basic. Still, there are pitfalls in choosing a base nutrient.
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